This Pokemon Craft Brings the Series to the World of Hunting

 - May 20, 2014
References: instructables
Pokemon is so famous that it can literally insert itself into any industry imaginable. This Pokemon craft sees the most famous Pokemon, Pikachu, skinned and mounted in a stretcher like many pelts are. While the work is obviously quite grim due to its subject matter, it’s also funny given the fact that Pokemon is surprisingly non-violent for the type of show it is.

A hunter decided to take his kids hobby up a notch with this latest venture. When a Pokemon trainer delves to "catch 'em all" they are dubbed a Pokemon hunter, but does very little actual hunting. This father decided to make hunting the focal point by mounting the series’ beloved mascot on his wall.

Fear not as the man didn’t actually kill a Pikachu, but he does go through his process, showing how to make the stretcher with the Pokemon inside.