This Pen Makes the Art of Creating Images from Dots Much Simpler

 - Sep 19, 2016
References: gizmodo
This pointillism pen could make the life of people who enjoy this art form much easier.

Pointillism is an artistic technique that uses compositions of dots -- in color or in black and white -- that come together to form images. This can be done with paints, markers, pencils or pens -- and the 'Pointillist Pen' actually speeds up the process. As creating thousands upon thousands of dots that form an image can be time-consuming, painstaking work, this pointillism pen vibrates to ensure that artists are able to work faster. The vibration of this pen allows artists to stipple 600 dots a minute, rather than the much lower average of people who do it completely by hand.

This simple pen has the potential to completely transform this artistic technique.