The Pogo Pulp Fiction Remix is Killer

 - Jun 22, 2012
References: walltowatch
The Pogo Pulp Fiction Remix musically transforms the iconic dialogue of the Quentin Tarantino. The Australian music producer and remix artist Nick Bertke, who is better known as Pogo, has been successfully creating these viral mashups, gaining over 50 million views on YouTube. Bertke's latest remix 'Lead Breakfast' takes video and sound from the 90s Tarantino cult classic Pulp Fiction and injects it with a melodic boost.

The impressive remix gives fans another change to see the star-studded cast in their cinematic glory. Bertke captures John Travolta, Bruce Willis, Uma Thurman, Eric Stoltz and the incomparable Samuel L. Jackson in their epic roles. 'Lead Breakfast' relives the movie's incredible dinner dance scene to a ton more vice-filled clip.

It is no doubt that this new Pogo remix will reach the viral status of its predecessors.