Amnesty International's Poems of Horror Depict Horrific Scenarios

 - Jun 18, 2014
References: & adeevee
Despite the bright yellow branding that's used on Amnesty International's 'Poems of Horror,' these poems convey very dark scenarios.

With just a very few words, the ads for Amnesty International by Germany's dieckertschmidt agency shows that it doesn't take the use of very graphic imagery or any kind of shockvertising to communicate violations of human rights and torture that happens all over the world.

The short poems show snippets of scenes like someone being tortured with electric shocks, having their head held under water, being forced to stand for inhumane lengths of time and being prevented from falling asleep. The poems hardly seem to have an end, with the torturous conditions not stopping, unless the poem's reader decides to take action with the aid of Amnesty International.