The 'Cisor' Pocket Speaker Diffuses Sound Off the Surface it's on

 - Jan 16, 2017
References: indiegogo & geeky-gadgets
The 'Cisor' is a new pocket speaker that features an amplifying design aesthetic that enables it to be a powerful piece of equipment that's quite small in size. The secret to the 'Cisor' speaker's small size is the lack of cone for diffusing the sound; the speaker instead makes use of the surface it is placed on to bounce the soundwaves into a space.

The 'Cisor' pocket speaker can be utilized in a number of different scenarios in order to provide clear sound resonance without the need for a large design. The lack of a cone within the 'Cisor' speaker makes it a more versatile option as it will presumably not fall victim to as much wear and tear for a great listening experience all the time.

The 'Cisor' speaker is crafted from anodized aluminum and is priced competitively at $49.