Plugwise Helps Consumers Monitor & Track Unnecessary Energy Use

 - Jan 26, 2012
References: plugwise & jetsongreen
An increasing number of consumers are looking for devices that help them track their home energy use, and one of the most innovative products, now available in the United States, is Plugwise.

Plugwise, developed by a Dutch company, has been brought into the U.S. market by California-based company kWh Power. The Plugwise system is unique in that it doesn't just track your energy and power use -- it actually shows you where you might be using energy unnecessarily. The Plugwise system, according to Jetson Green, comprises 'Circles' that plug into standard wall outlets and a 'Stick' that will transfer data wirelessly from the circles to your computer. You just use Plugwise Source, the system's software, to manage your energy usage and determine where you can save on energy use. For example, with the Plugwise system, you can find out which appliances should be turned off when not in use or when you're not at home.