Plugnetic Eliminates the Need to Push, Pull and Squat for Too Long

 - Oct 3, 2013
Even the fittest of us have likely had trouble removing the odd electrical cord from a wall socket, so it was smart of Andrew Warner to come up with the Plugnetic as a way to make the task easier for the disabled and the elderly. The idea that this young inventor has developed is a dual adapter system that makes the process of connecting a cable to the wall as easy as joining two magnets.

If you've got existing power outlets with two- or three-prong switch plates, you need the full adapter cover to be fastened over top. There is also the option of replacing this completely, or installing the Plugnetic outright in a new or renovated room. This becomes the primary power point that can only accept its female version to transfer electricity. The smaller circular converter accepts your charger and connects it to the Plugnetic easily with a magnetized grip. Now there's no need to battle with gadgets or bend down for too long.