The Plex DVR can Automatically Cut Commercials from Recordings

 - Nov 28, 2017
References: cordcuttersnews & digitaltrends
One of the biggest benefits of using a DVR device to record shows is the freedom it allows, and the Plex DVR has just come out with a new feature that gives viewers even more control to watch content uninterrupted. The Plex DVR can now automatically skip over commercials on recorded content, letting viewers watch their favorite shows without having them broken up by advertisements.

The Plex DVR feature was uploaded recently, and though it has not been pushed into use automatically, it can be manually enacted in the settings of one's device under the label 'Remove Commercials'. The caveat for the feature is that, in its current state, it requires a high CPU usage to power the algorithm that automatically hunts down commercials. This means users should only turn it on if they have a relatively powerful computer.