Nervana Headphones Stimulate the Pleasure Center of the Brain

 - Feb 20, 2016
References: experiencenervana & damngeeky
If a standard pair of earphones send you an electrical shock it's likely a defect, but Nervana headphones are specially designed to do so to stimulate the pleasure center of the brain. The Florida-based brand has created a pair of in-ear headphones that send low-power electrical signals into the ear canal. These electrical signals stimulate the vagus nerve to stimulate positive vibes (literally) into the system.

The results of the Nervana headphones after 30-minute usage is an increased mood and decrease in stress as the pleasure center of the brain has been stimulated to release good hormones.

The Nervana headphones send out the electrical signals to the beat of your music, which means that no matter your genre preference that you'll be grooving your way to a better mood.