The Juice Truck's Moringa Supplement Offers Animal-Free Protein

 - Aug 29, 2016
References: thejuicetruck
The Moringa Powder is a product sold through The Juice Truck that offers a plant-based calcium source pulled from Moringa Oleifera trees located throughout southern Asia. The tree is rich in potassium, antioxidants and calcium making it an ideal supplement for vegans and vegetarians lacking in obtaining the minerals from animal-based products to add to their drinks.

Many consumers source calcium from animal by products such as milk, cheese and yogurt which can make it difficult for vegan eaters to obtain. The Moringa Powder offers over 90 nutrients and amino acids in one serving, that provides both protein and calcium to consumers naturally lacking it in their diet. The powder is incredibly potent making it ideal to help maintain a well-balanced diet and even as a treatment for cases of malnutrition.