Planet Sushi Created a Maki Roll in Honor of Caesar Salads

 - May 25, 2014
Planet Sushi recently added a new maki roll to its menu and it mimics one of North America's most coveted salads: caesar salad.

The sushi bar, which is located in France, is known for its unique take on sushi. While the restaurant sells classic sushi cuisine, it also tries to cater to a wider range of clientele that isn't particular to fish. This unique sushi roll is one of its latest attempts.

The roll, which is almost like a miniature chicken caesar wrap (but with rice instead of bread of course), includes chicken, Parmesan cheese, caesar dressing, crouton pieces, lettuce and sesame seeds. It's an explosion of the salad's strong flavors in bite-size form and would act as the perfect appetizer before you dig into the rest of your sushi meal.