- Nov 29, 2007
References: pixelfortree
Pixelfortree sort of reminds of the Million Dollar Homepage we featured two years ago, but this time, pixel proceeds go towards the planet.

"Publicity for you, oxygen for all."

For every 1€ pixel you purchase, a tree is planted in your name. After enough names are collected, the team at Pixelfortree (PFT) goes to an area in need of reforestation where they take photos of the new trees and send them with the according PFT number and locate the donor through the use of Google Maps.

It's a great cause, and sounds easy enough to do, but keep in mind that a pixel is tiny, representative of a single tree planted; while one is good, a forest is better. In order to create a distinguishable logo, the pixel block would need to be at least 10x10 pixels, which is why the minimum purchase is 10€ (10 pixels, 10 trees) with no maximum purchase limit.

Check out the Million Dollar Homepage which was selling one million pixels of advertising space for $1 each: