These Vegetarian Pita Wraps are Filled with Sauteed Legumes and Spices

 - Oct 20, 2015
References: sheknows & sheknows
These vegetarian pita wraps offer a full flavor dish that is healthy, filling and wholesome despite the lack of meat. Thanks to the mini size of these pita tacos this dish is ideal for those seeking a healthier alternative to meat-filled Mexican food.

While these wraps might look like tacos, the recipe varies in filling, flavor and ingredients to offer a much more nutritious alternative to the popular dish. The tacos are served on small-sized pita breads for better portion control. The filling is made from balsamic sauteed veggies including peppers, zucchini, squash, olives and spices along with quinoa. The addition of the superfood ensures that these homemade tostadas are filling as well as packed with hearty flavor and nutrients despite the lack of meat.