Piotr Szpryngwald's Plant Proposes a Way to Cultivate Crops in Space

 - Jul 12, 2012
References: szpryngwald & notcot.org
If you've gone to the museums and seen the terrifying examples of what astronauts get to eat up there, you'll be delightfully surprised by Piotr Szpryngwald's Plant project that may bring freshly grown food to outer space. No doubt, the astronauts themselves will be even more pleased!

In collaboration with Mirko Ihrig and NASA, this designer has developed a system of sealed soil sachets that, along with seeds, can be preserved in compact stores. When the inhabitants of the space station or space shuttle are looking to "plant" some more vegetation, the packet can be punctured and the little foil planter can be placed securely into a multilayer casing. Piotr Szpryngwald's Plant will be watered in an unconventional way and the successful yield of such a concept could greatly improve the nutrition of people living outside of Earth's atmosphere.