These Pink Pistachio Cookies Will Make Affectionate Feelings Apparent

 - Jan 6, 2013
References: pinkpistachio
Spread the love, or better yet satisfy cravings for sweets with these Pink Pistachio Cookies. With Christmas and New Years already passed, the next upcoming holiday—if it can be called that—is Valentine’s Day. For some this day has no bearing or significance. For others it is an extremely important day overflowing with an abundance of love and affection. The former opinion is most often held by the recently or consistently single in society.

No matter which relationship status one currently holds, it can be agreed upon that these Pink Pistachio Cookies look utterly delicious. Designed to look like a sealed love letter complete with a heart-sealed envelope, the recipient of these biscuits will feel secure knowing that they are loved and that they won’t go hungry.