Picnic Bench by Tomasz Chmielewski Serves Up Sinuous Seating

 - Jun 18, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
Where public amenities truly succeed is in their versatility, and the Picnic Bench by Tomasz Chmielewski is one of those rare pieces that offers a pair of functions in a way that is easily accessible.

The unusual-looking picnic table is constructed quite elegantly from bent timber. Rounded forms were created with absolute grace and symmetry, allowing some of the natural features of the wood grain to give it additional character against an otherwise abstract contemporary appearance. The meandering line of the set's section reveals an exquisite elegance, but it's the duality of this fine piece of furniture that's truly unexpected.

You may gaze up on the Picnic Bench by Tomasz Chmielewski and see a table with seats along the sides, but in flipping the object over, two conjoined but outward-facing bleachers become apparent. This incredible item offers a place for friends to share a meal, and for strangers to sit apart.