The Elysia Chlorotica is a Photosynthetic Sea Slug

 - Jan 18, 2010   Updated: Jun 22 2011
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Scientists have discovered an American species of sea slug that that resembles a dark green leaf and can use solar power after harvesting algae chloroplasts. Elysia Chlorotica is found in waters off the U.S. east coast and feeds on algae called Vaucheria litorea in order to harvest its chloroplasts.

Implications - As the world continues to advance technologically and scientifically, the existent of new creatures are found. This further proves theories of how species adapt to newer habitats and changes. Solar-powered sea slugs, for instance, live in the water and thrive off of eating algae, ensuring survival.

The latest discover brings understanding to how the slug uses chloroplasts to capture the sun’s energy for food.