This Photosynthesis Table Can Harvest Energy and Power Electric Devices

 - Mar 15, 2014
References: marjanvanaubel & dezeen
Dutch designer Marjan Van Aubel developed a photosynthesis-based table that is able to harvest energy to power electronic devices.

The table has a glass surface that contains a dye-synthesized solar cell. Much like photosynthesis, the solar cell uses the properties of color to generate an electrical current. However, unlike regular solar cells, these dye-synthesized cells do not require direct sunlight to generate power -- they can do so using artificial diffused light. The table comes with a harvesting shelf. When the glass table-top is placed in the harvesting shelf, the energy it has collected is transferred to a central power repository, which can be used to power devices.

The table also includes hidden USB ports which can be used to charge USB devices using the harvested energy. Essentially, this photosynthesis-based table functions as an independent source of energy as it is able to gather and harvest energy and use it to charge a range of devices such as lamps, computers and phones.