Photographer Sivan Miller Shoots the Sultry and Sweet

 - Jun 29, 2011
References: sivanmiller & bentrovatoblog
South African photographer SIvan Miller started his career just five years ago when his mother bought him his first digital camera. As a professional photographer, Sivan Miller has developed a distinct style that often features gorgeous models in elaborate outfits, posing for glamor shots.

In this collection of highlights from Sivan Miller's portfolio, we see shots of big-hatted models exuding an understated confidence that is both alluring and mysterious.

Another highlight from the Sivan Miller portfolio features a model with her eyes closed and a low-cut flowery top, effusing an enticing, lowkey sensuality.

As a photographer, Sivan Miller's short five-year career is extremely impressive. His work has appeared in some of the world's biggest and best known publications like GQ and the Oprah Magazine, and some of his major corporate clients include Red Bull and Wembley Square.

Implications - In light of the recent economic downturn, one of the most important moves a company can make in marketing is associating its brand with carefree escapism. By featuring marketing that appears timeless and showcases people having fun, the brand embeds an image of easygoing joy in the subconscious of consumers, many of whom are still mired in the early stages of economic recovery.