These Photo Collages Transform the Mundane into Mystical

Architectural artist Michael Jantzen created these photo collages by copying, pasting and doubling authentic photographs of houses to reconstruct them in a hauntingly artistic way. The series, titled Dream Houses, distorts the original images of homes and recreates dream-like variations of them. The houses are sometimes heightened by layering a clip of the house on top of each other, or expanded almost kaleidoscopically by replicating certain cuts of the image. All houses are reconstructed in an extreme manner, emphasized in a way that reminds you of a house you'd see in dreams.

Jantzen shot the original photographs with a digital camera and edited the images to look eerily intriguing. Jantzen named each of the final products with fitting names. For example, the elongated home is titled 'High-rise House' while another fierce-looking house with sharp angles and details is called 'Home of the Brave.'