The Phorm iPad Mini Case Includes a Futuristic Oil-Based Keyboard

 - Feb 13, 2015
References: getphorm & gizmag
Phorm is a straight-up awesome iPad Mini case that is equipped with futuristic oil-based touchscreen typing technology.

When you want to type, all you have to do is move a slider located on the rear of the case. This causes an optically clear oil to be pumped through micro-fluidic channels in the screen, causing buttons to pop out of the surface of the screen. These buttons even give a little when touched, offering physical feedback to users.

Once you're done typing, simply move the slider back. This causes the oil to be withdrawn and the buttons to disappear.

The Phorm can be pre-ordered for just $99, a $50 saving on the eventual retail price. Versions compatible with the iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air are also in the works.

Fascinating, convenient and highly functional, Phorm is truly a next-generation invention.