Phone Stacking Encourages People to Avoid Technology While Eating

 - Jan 14, 2012
References: lil-b.tumblr & psfk
The game titled 'Don’t Be a Di*ck During Meals With Friends' is also known as the Phone Stacking game.

During mealtime, this dining etiquette game requires all players to give up their phones with vibrations and ringers activated and place them in the middle of the table face-down (you can stack them if you so choose). The first one to look at their phone loses and must pay the entire bill for the table. Doesn’t sound that hard right? Wait until your phone is buzzing and beeping and temptation sets in. If no one looks at their phone the whole meal, everyone pays for their own food. Phone Stacking was invented to encourage people to engage in conversation at mealtimes instead of being wrapped up in technology, which often happens.

The next time you’re out to dinner with some friends, try out Phone Stacking and see if you can quit the cell phone addiction.