Kitan Club's Futon Phone Pouch Gives Smartphones a Rest

 - Jun 28, 2014
References: jin115 & en.rocketnews24
If you are one of those people who is constantly on your phone, it's probably fair to say that your phone never gets a rest—the Futon Smartphone phone pouch is something that should help.

The adorable phone pouch is styled like a traditional Japanese bed set on the floor, complete with a miniature pillow and blanket. Now, instead of falling asleep with your phone, you can give it a bed of its very own and get some rest. But hopefully, it doesn't like to sleep in as much as you do.

Manufacturer Kitan Club has come up with several different printed designs for the phone beds, including striped, polka dot, plain white sheets and more traditional Japanese futon designs. These fun phone pouches are set to hit gachapon machines in Japan.