The MOOV is a Seat Design that Creatively Reboots Cellphone Battery

 - Mar 4, 2016
References: nteugels.tumblr & core77
The modular MOOV seat is a smart chair design that can recharge cellphone batteries thanks to the integrated charging ports found in the arms of the chair. The design was put together by student Nathalie Teugels and makes use of the stationary activity by turning it into a dual function.

Teugels creatively brings more functionality to sitting by integrating a chore many consumers do into the usage of the minimalist and geometric chair. The MOOV seat is a rocking chair that makes use of fidgeting by allowing sitters to rock calmly while simultaneously charging their device. The smartphone connects to the single arm of the modular chair in a concealed USB port. This allows sitters to continue using their devices while they charge and rock calmly in the modern chair.