Portraits are Re-created on Bed Sheets Using the Phillips ProTouch Steamer

 - Nov 4, 2012
References: shop.philips.ru & frederiksamuel
In this ad for Phillips ProTouch Steamer, Yaroslav Maltsev re-creates traditional Dutch paintings using a bed sheet as his canvas. Entitled the 'Art of Ironing,' three intricate portraits come to life as Yaroslav creases the sheet ever so carefully. With every crease a new piece of the image is revealed until the entire piece is finished.

After each portrait is complete, Yaroslav uses the Phillips ProTouch Steamer to flatten the design creases and return to a blank canvas (and perfectly pressed bed sheet). Once flattened, he begins again on a new one showing the effectiveness of Phillips' ironing aids in achieving neat, pressed sheets and garments.

In this time lapse video, which is accompanied by music from Arcangelo Corelli, the mundane chore of ironing morphs into an artistic method few could've seen coming.