Philips' New LED Lightbulbs Last Longer & Reduce Energy Consumption

Philips has launched an innovative and high-tech range of LED lightbulbs that are designed to last an incredible 15 times longer than regular incandescent bulbs while also promising the ability to minimize consumption of electricity by as much as 90 percent.

Developed as part of a research collaboration with tie city of Dubai, the so-called Dubai Lamp collection of LED lightbulbs includes four different kinds of bulb available in both warm and cool colors. These bulbs are guaranteed to function off Dubai's 220-240-volt standard, and can be relied on to replace regular incandescent bulbs.

Despite its name and origins, the Dubai Lamp LED lightbulb range is set to be eventually rolled out in other markets, which is a reassuring thing considering that these bulbs make excellent use of the latest technology to improve performance and reduce energy consumption at the same time.