The Ostentatious Sculptures from Philippe Mayaux are Cleverly Made

 - Jul 29, 2013
References: sweet-station
Distinguished French-born artist Philippe Mayaux has been mastering his craft since the early 1990s. He is often associated with gaudy pieces that can contain intensely erotic and sexual content. Mayaux’s deconstructed sculptures are put together in a way that pushes the mind to create a story.

Artistic interpretation is huge for Philippe Mayaux as the sculptures created are often so intricately strange that it’s important to look with more than just your eyes. Even just the emotions that the colors of the sculpture evoke play a part in distinguishing the message behind them. The pink tones combined with half-man building topped creations serve to provoke a response. With gold often decorating the frame of the pieces, it serves as a traditionally opulent base which is then juxtaposed by the encompassing sculptures.