PGX Claims to Absorb Water and Help You Lose Weight Like Crazy

 - Dec 25, 2009
References: pgx
I don’t need to give a rundown of why any new diet fad becomes a new trend; our growing epidemic of obesity is concerning at the very least. PGX promises not to be a diet fad, so it made it worth a test drive of the manufacturer’s claims.

The manufacturer reports that PGX is a unique combination of water-soluble polysaccharides (plant fibres) that can absorbs many times its weight in water within the digestive system. This helps you to reduce meal portion size while still feeling full. Taking PGX with meals slows the absorption of carbohydrates preventing blood sugar spiking after meals, which helps regulate blood sugar levels and avoids between meal cravings.

As you can see in the pictures, I took one pill (recommended dose is 2-6 softgels, so multiply the ‘visual effect’ accordingly) and cut it open. I dropped it into a wine glass filled with water and waited. Pretty quickly, the compound inside the softgel was released and expanded. It didn’t in any way look or feel solid, but there were visible clumps and flakes of fibre in the solution. The water became a bit more viscous.

It isn’t the cheapest supplement, particularly because it really is just fiber and doesn’t have any other nutritional benefits. However, if you calculate how much you spend on empty calories right now and if PGX helps you avoid those, then it can actually save some money as well.