The Pezzo de Culo is an Eccentric Seating System Comprised of Three Cushions

 - Jan 23, 2013
References: saiholyuen
Without seeing someone actually sitting on the Pezzo de Culo, you might wonder exactly what it does. Even determining its scale is quite difficult without a point of reference since the object probably looks like nothing you've ever seen before.

Indeed, this odd interior item is in fact a chair. It has legs and plushy pillows but its structure is utterly unrecognizable. Studio SaiHol Yuen started with a unique frame that was formed from the meeting of three seemingly separate pieces, each with a single cushioned foot on one side and a big soft bolster on the other. A multi-ended metal sheath solidifies their intersection.

There is no backrest on the Pezzo de Culo. The user simple takes a seat towards the open center of the contemporary stool and discovers the support and comfort that the sides of her bum receives.