Petr Kubik's Vitra Wall Replaces Stress With Fun at Work

 - May 26, 2009
References: coroflot & yankodesign
Office stress and tension can halt major productivity for any workplace. Petr Kubik’s Vitra Wall has a way to combat the somber mood with a healthy, relaxing activity for all colleagues.

The Vitra Relaxation Wall White Board is a standard office supply (the whiteboard) that can flip over and turn into a never ending climbing wall.

The wall is equipped with 8 different belts that rotate on their on axis according to difficulty settings. Located in different locations on each belt are shapes used to grasp (just like rock climbing).

The Vitra Wall has a touch screen display which is altered according to difficulty (walking through forest= easy, climbing mountain= hard).

Each co-worker has their own activation card which programs settings and preferences each time they want to use the machine.

Relaxing, entertaining, and overall, a much needed break from the everyday business world.