These Photograph Document The So-Called Peter Pan Generation

 - Aug 14, 2014
References: lizcalvi & featureshoot
Lost Boys is a photo series, captured by American photographer Liz Calvi, that depicts the so-called 'Peter Pan generation' of young men who haven't been able to transition from youth to adulthood. This generation of young men are between 18 to 28 years old and have completed university but still live in their parents' suburban homes with few if any job prospects.

As a result, their futures are uncertain and they feel weak and vulnerable. Calvi's photos looked to capture members of this Peter Pan generation in vulnerable moments.

Most of the subjects in the series have similar stories, having had to return to live with their parents either during or after post-secondary education. Many of the young men she photographed have sisters who moved out and are independent, leaving their brothers languishing behind.