Peter Madden Encourages Viewers to Form Relationships Between the Unusual

Self-described as a Sculptographer, Peter Madden creates intricate collages using various pictures cut out of National Geographic Magazines and Encyclopedias and suspends them in persplex (safety glass).

When one thinks of a collage, the tendency is to picture a mural composed of various images that in some way relate to each other, as each piece contributes towards a larger, all-encompassing picture. Madden's creations are an amalgamation of various pictures, none of which have any set relationship to one another. The incongruous collection of pictures is precisely what Peter Madden is trying to accomplish, referring to himself as "a collagist of difference."

Because each of the images have no set connection to each other, the onus is on the viewer to form the relationships, making each collage a unique experience of personal association and relevance.