- Feb 4, 2008
References: mypetwhale
Having a pet whale is something that seems a bit odd, kind of like having a pet giraffe. But the possibility to actually claim having a pet whale is just around the corner. Having a look at puts the idea into perspective.

It's a niche social networking site for those in the whale research community and support for marine mammals. The company works with research institutions and has plans for satellite tracking to monitor the giant mammals.

"It is my belief that the application of the word 'pet' may be pivotal in creating a deep bond between marine mammals and humans," explains site founder Matthew Rogers. "It is a social concept really, and has yet to be proven.

"However, 'pet spending' is at an all time high reaching over 36B last year. So perhaps if some species of marine mammals were to be considered in this light there would be an additional outpouring of support from both a financial and humanitarian point of view."

What if all animals were considered as possible pet? The interactivity of the internet can open the doors to all sorts of new categories of pets!