Mint-X's Kitchen Bags Smell Fresh and Serve as a Pest Control Solution

 - Jul 30, 2015
References: mint-x & bloomberg
Many pest control solutions involve sprays and traps, but ultimately they will not stand in the way of an animal that wants to get at the contents of a garbage bag. Knowing that the alluring scent of food scraps will cause mice, raccoons and more to rip open a flimsy plastic, X-Mint is a very simple solution to a problem that's faced by homeowners and renters of all kinds.

The simple Mint-X trash bags are able to boast the ability to repel rodents simply by being scented with mint. This herb is commonly used as a natural pest control solution, particularly by gardeners who want to deter pests from eating flowers and produce.

Since rodents will always favor accessible food over trying to get at a bait trap, this solution eliminates the food source altogether, while also being sustainable, and kind in the sense that pests are forced to seek food sources elsewhere without being harmed in any way.