Confesster Makes Personal, Anonymous Confessions Simple

 - Mar 24, 2014
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Confesster is a new viral website that centers around people's personal, anonymous confessions. Offering participants the ability to submit confessions for other users to either 'approve', 'judge' or 'comment,' Confesster is a modern update to other similar initiatives like Post Secret, but appeals to the online community for enhanced involvement.

If you're interested in participating, Confesster allows for anonymous confessions that can be submitted without the need for signing up. As an example of a confession, one user wrote, My Boyfriend is a singer. He always asks me about my opinion on his voice. I tell him that he's got an awesome voice. Actually he sings really shitty & i just don't have the heart to tell him." So, my question for you is: have you ever wanted to confess something to someone?