The Perpetuum Mobile Smoking Point Would Be Refreshing to Non-Smokers

 - Apr 5, 2013
References: oplusr-47 & tuvie
The Perpetuum Mobile Smoking Point System was devised as a solution to bringing smokers and non-smokers together in public plazas. May people who prefer not to smoke cigarettes are bothered by the smell and the air quality in designated smoking areas, but these elaborate pods would be a great improvement.

O + R Architecture & Art Studio drew up an inner garden with seating for nine people, cigarette butt disposals and planters that would hold sweetly scented local flowers and the roots of towering bamboo stalks. Above this is an elegant flaring chimney that was inspired by traditional Amigasa hats. The triangulated shelter would be constructed of aluminum mesh and clad in recycled glass panes. Finally, the Perpetuum Mobile Smoking Point System would be on wheels so that it can be moved about courtyards and the perimeters big office buildings in Tokyo.