This Period-Proof Underwear Forgoes the Need for Pads and Tampons

 - Nov 14, 2016
References: kickstarter
These self proclaimed "period-proof" panties are able to ensure that women who wear them are comfortable and hygienic while on their periods.

The company, Padkix, was created after research showed that in North America, more than 20 billion disposable pads and tampons are thrown in landfills each year. For a long time this was a sad but necessary action, but this period-proof underwear is changing that fact. The underwear features a "super absorber" that can be attached or detached and soaks up any menstrual blood that it comes in contact with. The reusable period-proof panties are able to ensure that girls and women do not waste money each month buying pads and tampons.

This cost-effective method of providing menstrual care is able to reduce landfill waste – making it ideal for eco-conscious consumers.