This Statement-Making Period Jewelry Challenges Perceptions

 - Nov 27, 2015
References: lili-mj & mashable
Inspired by menstruation and "the frustrating, leaking female body," this period jewelry was created in an effort to remove the stigma associated with women's menstrual cycle. Designed by Lili Murphy-Johnson, the collection represents three different stages of Aunt Flow's visit. This includes the mood swings that can indicate pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS), sanitary products referred to by the artist as "period paraphernalia" and the blood itself.

The London-based period jewelry designer created a statement necklace to signify PMS, with a large pink bubble-like pendant that is sure to catch anyone's eye. An oversized ring looks just like a miniature pad or panty liner. A somewhat graphic ruby red brooch mimics a stain any woman will recognize. The pieces are supposed to challenge the perception of that time of month.