Mark of the Beast is a Pepper Extract That is Not for the Faint of Heart

 - Oct 21, 2016
References: ashleyfoods & preparedfoods
While Ashley Foods has a reputation for carefully selecting the hottest peppers from around the world, the company is upping the ante with its new tear-inducing new pepper extract. Like other hot sauces and pepper extracts produced by Ashley Food Company, the ultra-fiery extract is made in hand-measured batches using nothing by the highest-quality natural ingredients.

Mad Dog 357 Mark of the Beast is an HPLC-Certified pepper extract that contains six million Scoville heat units in every drop. The unbelievably spicy flavor is not for the faint of heart and the company warns that the product will likely "leave you begging for mercy." The extract is even packaged in a collectible wooden box that primarily severs as an extra layer of protection rather than a decorative touch.