The Pep Talk Generator Provides Random Words of Wisdom

 - Aug 20, 2015
References: babevibes & designtaxi
This heartwarming pep talk generator offers inspirational words of wisdom to get everyone through their day.

Send the link to a friend and she'll be surprised by an insightful, witty and warm quote by an influential person. Pulled from everywhere around the web, the quotes offer just the right mixture of tough love, advice and reassurance to make up the perfect pep talk. On an especially rough day, when just one won't cut it, the pep talk generator lets you push the "Next Pep Talk" button again and again until you're ready to head back out to face the world.

For anyone who wishes that they had their own personal football huddle, fairy godmother and guru following them around all day -- and who doesn't -- the pep talk generator is the next best thing.