The Pennsylvania Partnership is Fighting for a 5G Network

 - Jun 21, 2018
References: papartnershipfor5g & post-gazette
The demand for a more connected Internet system is growing, and the Pennsylvania Partnership for 5G is being developed in an effort to keep up with these needs.

This group is urging the city's capital, Harrisburg, to adopt a more effective alternative to the existing 4G network in order to offer a more reliable connection. According to the group, a 5G network functions 40 times quicker than the current 4G network. This improved efficiency will be more compatible with the growing technologies, like driverless cars or robotic deliveries.

In a statement, Ashley Henry Shook, a spokesperson for the PA Partnership for 5G, said that "Consumers and businesses are already driving the demand for 5G, especially in dense, urban settings where 4G LTE no longer reliably meets the existing connectivity and data capacity needs."