This Stunning Pelican GoPro Video Was Captured in Tanzania

This incredible Pelican GoPro video was captured by attaching a GoPro camera to a pelican's beak. The pelican in question, named Bigbird, was rescued by staff at the Nomad Tanzania animal sanctuary. The young pelican had been abandoned by its flock after a powerful storm.

The staff had to teach BigBird how to fly by running up and down the beach while flapping their arms. Finally, the bird's instincts kicked in and he began to learn how to fly. This prompted the animal sanctuary staff to create an astounding Pelican GoPro video to capture BigBird's point of view while soaring in the sky.

The resulting video is incredibly heart-warming, and shows the bird's initial struggles to fly before it finally takes off and flies over a large water body before returning to its perch on the beach.

The video was captured on the HD HERO3+ GoPro camera.