- Apr 3, 2008
References: whizbiz.au & dailymotion
This product aims to give men heart attacks!

When I was watching the commercial the first time, I thought it must be just a story line. I have seen ads like that before, you wake up in the morning after scoring with what you consider a pretty hot chick to find her peeing in the bathroom while standing up. Oh, the horror, she's a dude!

Well, it turns out in this instance that she is not a dude. She is promoting a WhizBiz product that allows women to do it like men!

Tired of reminding your boyfriend to put the seat back down? If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. The Australian company promotes the product as an 'innovation' that comes in handy when you get the call of nature outdoors, at a picnic, festival, hiking,.... It uses high-tech plasma coating that repels all liquids and keeps it dry, a technology that was developed and tested by the British Army.

All this technology sounds great and all, but something just does not feel right. What do you think girls? You wanna whiz like guys?

For an alternative, check out the P-Mate....