This Earl Grey and Pear Tart Recipe Combines Black Tea with Fruit

 - Jun 26, 2016
References: erinmadethis
This caffeinated pear tart recipe takes a classic homemade pastry and adds earl grey tea. While most pear tarts would pair nicely with a lovely cup of tea, such as earl grey, this dessert skips a step by adding both together. Created by blogger Erin of Erin Made This, the Earl Grey Pear Tart recipe makes a baked good you can enjoy at tea time, the dessert course or as part of a sweet breakfast.

To make your own version of this treat at home, you poach pears in a liquid consisting of earl grey tea, caster sugar, vanilla extract, cinnamon and orange zest. The dish also features a homemade tart shell as well as frangipane made from scratch.