The Asus ROG 'Avalon' PC Concept Features Sliding Upgrade Modules

 - May 30, 2016
References: rog.asus & liliputing
Upgradeable PCs aren't a new idea, but the Asus ROG 'Avalon' PC concept looks to switch up perceptions of how users can go about performing an upgrade.

The Asus ROG 'Avalon' PC is designed to be upgraded without having to open up the case; users simply utilize sliding modules that can be replaced at leisure. The plug-and-play design of the computer helps to simplify the upgrade process for users to eliminate the need to connect wires and fiddle with delicate internal components.

The Asus ROG 'Avalon' PC concept could revolutionize how we think about computer design for avid users and even amateur ones as well. The plug-and-play design could be implemented by other brands as a way to help make upgrading as streamlined as possible.