The ID-Cooling Stream 1 PC Chassis Allows the System to Cool Evenly

 - Jun 6, 2016
References: geeky-gadgets
There has been a sharp rise of liquid-cooled PCs hitting the market as of late, and while the ID-Cooling Stream 1 PC chassis does indeed feature this technology it also takes a different approach as well.

Looking almost like a power generator that you'd find at a construction site, the ID-Cooling Stream 1 chassis features an open-concept design that enables air to flow freely around the components. This enables heat to be dissipated evenly and quickly without having to incorporate any physical fans. Moreover, the PC chassis is designed in a way that flaunts the internal components and puts the focus on them rather than hide them away beneath a cover.

Availability and pricing of the ID-Cooling Stream 1 chassis has not yet been announced by the brand.