Paul Ribera Draws Your Favorite Animated Friends on Drugs

 - Mar 11, 2014
References: panicdots & elitedaily
Paul Ribera is truly an artistic genius to have imagined our favorite childhood cartoons as drug addicts in his images entitled 'Cartoons on Drugs.'

It is hard to imagine our beloved 90s cartoons would ever loose their innocence, but Paul Ribera skillfully managed to accurately portray this. He has completely warped the sweet, child-like faces of the Power Puff Girls, Johnny Bravo, Dexter, The Rugrats and many other 90s icons.

The resulting pictures are hauntingly graphic and disturbingly accurate. They truly capture the curled up, cracked lips, the vacant, drug-hungry gaze and the stretched-out drug-ready tongues of drug addicts.

Perhaps the artist believes that no one stays innocent forever. Or perhaps the images double as a public service announcement. If you think it's disturbing to see your childhood cartoons drugged up, then don't do it to yourself.