Helium Ensures Better Patient Record Management for Users

 - Apr 8, 2019
References: heliumhealthcare
African startup helium helps hospitals of all sizes streamline patient records and make the process of on-boarding new patients easier and more seamless than ever before. Available to health institutions across Africa, Asia and the Middle East, the platform is described as "so intuitive that it requires no training to use."

Featuring a sleek interface and offline capabilities, helium allows users to sync saved information once an internet connection becomes available without losing access to data. The platform is also available on any device 24 hours a day and lets users manage a myriad of important data in one spot. The streamlined app works to manage billing information, healthcare history, doctors' notes, prescriptions and more.

Additionally, helium offers "real-time analytics" allowing for more personalized healthcare in both highly populated hospitals and smaller healthcare centers.