These Deep-Frozen Pasta Meals are Pre-Dressed with Meat and Sauce

These pre-made pasta meals from Prima Menü offer easy heat-and-eat options for effortless single-serve meals.

The portion-controlled pasta packages are filled with all of the necessary additions to make a flavorful meal with no additions required. A product like the Pasta Salsiccia Art features a base of shell noodles that are paired with minced meat, bacon and a tomato sauce, while the Pasta Caprese is made with bow-tie noodles, pine nuts and a tomato-mozzarella sauce.

Once ready to eat from frozen, the single-serve pasta meals can be warmed in the microwave. These gourmet frozen products are appealing to consumers who can appreciate the convenience of a ready-made heat-and-eat meal that also provides the comfort of home-cooked lunch or dinner made with nourishing whole food ingredients.