Parpaigns by Arik Levy Make the Cinder Block Sophisticated and Stylish

 - Jul 11, 2012
The appeal of Parpaigns by Arik Levy can be appreciated as the contemporary fascination with industrial objects. The forms of these sculptures quite closely reference the shape of concrete construction materials, and yet they embody a crisp sense of class and a clean character that would serve well to decorate a swish modern home.

One is carved from fir wood and the other from gorgeous Carrara marble. Both pieces are long and flat with three rectangular openings that pass from one side to the other. To use the Parapaigns by Arik Levy as decorative surfaces they can be oriented in any direction, serving to flaunt their own beautiful physical features of wood grain or stone vein, or to act as coffee tables or pedestals for holding a wide variety of different practical and ornamental objects.